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IBS symptoms much better
Your nutritional plan works!!!
I feel so much better on your nutritional plan


IBS much better
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IBS symptoms much better

Hi Charlene  Just writing to let you and anyone reading this that I feel much better on your nutrition plan.  I never realized that what I was eating caused so many problems.  Happy New Year - you've made mine!

Your nutritional plan works!!!

From M

My brother has been so much better since he went on your nutritional plan.  His mood challenges have been terrible in his life and now it is as though I don't know him - he is even and has reduced his psychiatric medications.  Thank you so much. 

I feel so much better on your nutritional plan

From client Adam (31 years) - after being on his nutritional plan for six months:

After following your nutritional plan for six months, I had my blood checked last week and my cholesterol has stabilized.  When I was 27, my LDL was very high and my HDL was very low.  My doctor said that my blood is in very good shape now.

I have dropped 30 pounds.  Quite effortlessly, actually; aside from walking more, I only do about 20 minutes of intense exercise every other day.

My acne has disappeared.
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