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Services and costs:

A comprehensive health history is recorded
In the initial consultation, information is obtained regarding your overall health, which is required to develop an effective individualized, holistic, nutritional plan for you.  The initial consultation is approximately 1.5 hours.  There is a second meeting in which your plan is presented to you in detail.

A licensed, qualified teacher.
Charlene has many years of teaching experience dealing with students who have been identified as being challenged with ADD, ADHD, ASD, hyperactivity disorder, etc.  There is a thorough understanding of these challenges within this practice.    Graduate studies and ongoing research in mood disorders related to nutrition are a part of this daily practice.  

Parents/care givers requiring support
Charlene provides attendance at school meetings for your child.  These meetings can include Identification, Placement and Review Committee meetings or Parent/Teacher interview 

Holistic Weight Loss
Support and education are provided so that clients are able to balance the mind, body and spirit while attaining their weight loss goals.  These factors need to be taken into consideration when trying to lose weight.  Follow-up appointments are provided in support of weight loss and the holistic approach.  

Educational Shopping Session 
Learn to read food labels to your advantage while grocery shopping.  


Nutrition Consultation:

Your initial consultation requires two, separate appointments - the first for collection of data; the second to present to you, your individualized plan.

Each appointment is $55.00 with a total of $110.00 

Follow-up appointments - $50.00

Holistic Weight Loss Consultation

A full, nutrition consultation is required prior to entering the Holistic Weight Loss program (see cost above).  

Follow-up appointments - $50.00

Educational Shopping Trip

Clients experience a shopping trip to learn how to read food labels and where to shop.

Each trip - $50.00

Attendance at school meetings

All meetings will be at a cost of $80.00

This includes parent/teacher interviews, IPRC meetings and any other meeting that is required.

(Please note - IPRC is an abbreviation for  "Ministry of Education Identification, Placement and Review Committee"). 

Guest Speaking

Charlene will speak at various venus, on a variety of topics.  Please contact her to inquire as to her availability and costs.  

Packaged programs for nutrition consultations are available for family cost savings.  Please inquire.


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