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Registered Nutrition PractitionerCharlene is an author, Founder and Chair of the Registered Canadian Federal Charity Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet (#80415 1439 RR0001), Canadian Chair of Child Protection for the All Ladies League, Digital Ambassador for CMHO, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is the recipient of the Bishop Townshend Award of Teaching Excellence and the Award of Women in Excellence, ALL.

Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet works toward providing much-needed therapy for victims; and is fighting to end child pornography through educating parents, caregivers, children and professionals about the crime and how to avoid being victimized.  It is a crime that has increased by 5,000% in the last ten years, and growing (

Her recently published book is titled "Digital Sexual Victims:  True Cases".   This book has been nominated by the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International for an award of excellence, for 2017.  Please call Charlene at 519-854-1249 to learn more about purchasing her book.  She is also the Featured Author for Tellwell Publishing for the month of January 2017.  A portion of the proceeds of her book is donated to Child Pornography Hurts.

In addition to being an holistic nutritionist, she is a computer and network specialist.  After researching for two years, she has developed a theory of digital supervision© for adults.  This theory is imperative for adults when supervising children and youth on digital devices.  Charlene has presented her theory on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, parts of Canada, the United States, Europe, Iceland and India.   Go to the side menu and select "About Charlene's Book" to learn more.  The online cost of this book through this website is $10.00.  It is also available online at Chapters/Indigo, Smashwords, Amazon and other ebook channels (35,000 in total).

If you are interested in having Charlene as a guest speaker, please call Internet Sense First | Premier Sens Internet at 519-854-1249.  She has extensive experience and speaks globally about her theory of Digital Supervision©.  

Charlene has also studied holistic nutrition and provides nutrition consultations, focusing on the body, mind and spirit, throughout SW Ontario.  Charlene speaks to groups about nutrition.  She does in-person and phone consultations.  Doctor referrals are honoured but not required.  If you are interested in a nutrition consultation, please contact Charlene at 519-303-1249.

Charlene is an associate with:

Location of CDG practice

90 Riverside Drive, 
London, Ontario, and also has an office in Ingersoll, Oxford County.  

In her practice, the approach to your health concerns is through nutrition, which is the most benign method of improving your health.  Consultations for allergies, hyperactivity disorder, ADD, ADHD, ASD, holistic weight loss, digestive disorders, mood disorders and much more are available.   

In that Charlene is also a registered, licensed, certified teacher, she is legally able to discuss issues regarding your child's learning disabilities, hyperactivity and the like with you.  

Charlene believes that the terms "ADD" and "ADHD" are difficult for parents to understand.  These terms are very negative.  She prefers to refer to the conditions as "Awesome Day Dreamer" and "Awesome Day Dreamer/Hyperactive Day Dreamer".  They are much more positive in nature.  Charlene has had great success in helping children achieve their goals through nutrition.  

Find out what might be making your child "Awesome".  Invite Charlene to provide a consultation.

Psycho-therapists, social workers, and psychologists who refer their clients to this practice realize that their clients require a nutritional approach to their emotional challenges, in addition to emotional types of therapy. 

What you eat does change your life, either positively or negatively

All clients receive a nutritional plan - a comprehensive report which is individualized and customized for each client.  

Charlene has received several awards and scholarships in her university studies; 
Award for Teaching Excellence;  
Award of Excellence as a Nutrition graduate; 
Award of Women Excellence (ALL - India)

Charlene is very pleased to assist you or your loved one on their journey toward wellness.

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